Monday, April 18, 2011

proof of domestication

When I first moved to SF and became a bum housewife, I used to kinda cringe every time a good friend would remark, "you're so domesticated!". I honestly felt like a dog. Seriously. I was newly-married and newly-housewifeD back in late 2007 so everything was super new and exciting and new and exciting (since I did not know how to even operate a rice cooker before I became a "homemaker") so I kinda blabbed about my exploits in the kitchen and so on.  I felt a little diminished then, it's gross to admit now,  because a few months prior to moving to SF, I was a working girlie at a place where fashion was the numero uno concern and um...not the work (sorry God).

Fast forward to almost 4 years later and I think I've kinda grown to love the term. I just realized I've always loved tinkering around in the kitchen as a little girl (much to our cook's irritation since I'd B-U-G her daily for "tasks" in the kitchen. Fed up, I guess, she once evil-ly made me cut all the sili for a dish sabotaging my hands and sanity for hours. I still consider it as one of the earliest betrayals in my life. That cook Naomi. Tsk Tsk).

Ok so I'm babbling but anyway, I've always, always loved cookbooks. Prowling the BOOKSALE stands back in Manila, I'd come home with a book or two from heart-healthy dishes to mediterranean cuisine to whatever and pour over it like I would the back issues of Instyle or Vogue I'd also get (yes, I'd come home very poor too because those old mags cost A LOT back home).

So, on to proof of domestication---I yelped with glee when I finally got my two newest cookbooks from Amazon last weekend!!! Woohooo!!!

Gwyneth's is lovely, lovely, lovely and I kinda have been following Heidi Swanson since her early days so bought hers out of guilt (and semi-faltering-desire to go back to healthy eating).

I soooo wanna try the fish tacos recipe above! Can't wait! Will try to post my "experiments" here as well (for you, Virgy).

By the way, speaking of domestication, I saw this pic in Real Simple mag (which I subscribe too---proof of domestication #2). Had to laugh. Inspiration for when my future son is able:


Monday, March 28, 2011

Is that you Elmo?!

So, elmo's red and cute and cuddly right?

He's actually SEXY AND cuddly in "real life"!hahaha!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunny Day!!!

It's ssssssso glaringly yellow here today in rainVancouver and I'm scrambling (and getting giddy!!!) to get out and enjoy the sunshine!!! I want to wear this:


ok fine...forgot about the preggers maybe will wear flats instead (boo). :*

baby bump


Rich stopped me last Sunday as we were about to do an errand and I irritatingly said, "WHAAAAAT?!" Then my boy--with the biggest smile I've seen on his hairy face--pointed to my tummy. Yes, the beer-belly-looking one below:

OMG. Baby bump! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hot Mama's Boys!

Isn't there something so endearing about (cute) boys who are more than in-speaking-terms with their mamas?!

*sigh* Jake:

Nick L. (because I don't know how to spell his last name and don't want to google it) and his mom look like they're sibs:

So, ok, you get my point... inspiration time! I hope Piccs--if a boy--never forgets that his mom's his first love ever (I will not make him forget it but still)!

Speaking of mamas, why is this mom still so sexy?! Gisele Bundchen is my post-baby-body inspiration!!! *sigh* Goddess:

So I wonder how many hours at the YMCA do I need to get that body? 24 hours?! haha! I think I need to start lipo fund.NOW. (Note to self: Must grow hair and have blond highlights too!!!)

All pics except Gisele's were from via while Gisele's was from